Preciosa-A leading international glass manufacturer.

We are an authorized distributor of PRECIOSA in China for years

Preciosa Crystal Elements
PRECIOSA is the world's leading manufacturer of cutting crystals.For centuries, the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic is famous for its crystals.Crystal cutting art is perfect here.Its elegant and exquisite features make PRECIOSA crystal a globally recognized quality symbol and high quality guarantee.

MAXIMA-- Lead-free Brillance
MC chaton MAXMIA is the real high-end PRECIOSA lead-free crystal,Representing the highest craftsmanship of crystal accessories and meeting the most strict quality and ecological certification
Patent 15 faceted crystal
 Lead-free crystals have the appearance and texture of all-lead crystals
 Perfect geometry and superior optical characteristics
 European quality and security, responsible for the future
 Extraordinary durability and easy identification of authenticity
 41 classic colors, 16 coatings and 53 different sizes for selection

OPTIMA-- Traditional Czech jewelry stone
Since the establishment of PRECIOSA in 1948, OPTIMA has continued Bohemia's centuries-old crystal manufacturing tradition. It has been famous for 80 years and can meet the high quality requirements of jewelry customers.

VIVA12-- Machine Cutting flat back stone
Preciosa's new machine-cut flat back VIVA12 has a lead content of less than 90 PPM and is environmentally friendly. The products are made with high-quality craftsmanship and raw materials to create a fascinating brilliance. It can meet the high quality requirements of apparel customers and reflect the superior cost performance.

Preciosa color chart
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