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Crystal Unite - Optimal crystal components and crystal accessories from China

Crystal Unite brand was established in 2009 by Harmony Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd. Under this brand, it has a wide range of products, including flat back hotfix stones, flat back no hotfix stones, sew-on stones, mc chatons, fancy stones, fancy stones in settings, cup chains, epoxy hotfix studs, and rhinestone transfers, etc. Crystal Unite uses pure raw glass material and the advanced CNC grinding equipments and the vacuum ion plating process to ensure the stones’ shininess and good cutting appearance. Based on being produced in China own factory, Crystal Unite not only has the advantage of low price, but also can guarantee the quality.

Crystal Unite crystal elements
Multi-product portfolio, one-stop solution to customer needs
Reform: Introducing advanced equipment and new technologies
Superior: In-depth cooperation with selected glass raw material manufacturers to develop pure materials
Durable: Use the most advanced CNC grinding equipment and vacuum ion plating process
Favorable: manufactured by domestic factory in China, strict selection of sub-assembly to ensure quality

Innovation: Multi-product portfolio

Crystal Unite chaton (lead-free chaton, optimal chaton, sew on stone)
Crystal Unite hotfix stone (lead-free hotfix, optimal hotfix, optimal lead-free hofix)
Crystal Unite artificial pearl
Crystal Unite accessories (optimal lead-free cupchain, lead-free Octopus rivet,classic fancy stone in setting)
Crystal Unite rhinestone motif design and mass production

Diversified product portfolio, reflecting superior cost performance, trusted by major domestic apparel brands
Environmentally friendly products are exported to many countries in Europe and America

Value: One-stop solution to customer needs
Crystal elements factory: Specializing in the production of various crystal elements
Crystal accessories facory: Professional in design and mass production for rhinestone transfers
Professional in design and production for crystal Accessories
Fashion jewelry facory: Professional development and mass production for fashion jewelry, shoe decoration buckle    

Crystal Unite 2028 Color chart
hotfix studs (1)
hotfix studs (2)